Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cats and Dogs...

Rain. Finally. My water butts are now filled and at every opportunity I am putting out containers to collect it.

My garden is very steep. Uphill, and I am not looking forward to carrying watering cans up and down and up and down.

So I have decided to grow half of what I had originally planned.

Pumpkin, Courgettes and Cucumbers out.

I really want to grow a pumpkin but they need a lot of water so I have culled them from the list this year. A shame, but there are other things I would like to eat instead.

My sunflower seeds are coming along nicely. As are the Teasel and Comfrey. I sowed a tray of foxgloves too, and noticed they have sprouted yesterday much to my delight.

I have always had a problem with growing Verbena from seed. I can never ever get them to germinate. Yesterday I noticed some green poking through and I got very excited. Although now I'm wondering if it is just some weed seed that has blown in through the vent and I am carefully tending a dandelion. I actually don't mind a few dandelions in my garden to be honest. They are good for the insects when not much else is in flower.

I brought home a clump of Violets from my Aunts garden in Norfolk last time I visited and was very happy to see them in flower yesterday. I was a little worried they had not survived the move and then the winter but they seem quite happy and healthy. I think violets are one of my favourite wild flowers.

I picked up a little book of Native British Wild Flowers that was published in 1921, and it would be interesting to know how many are left on our shores.

I have misplaced my camera so apologies for lack of photos. Again. I just can't find it's probably buried in the garden somewhere from last time...

I planted two new Apple Trees and plan to grow some clover and wildflowers under them.

I also want more Herbs. I am trying to dedicate an entire bed to herbs. I would love it to replicate a formal Herb garden but the other half is not so keen. He likes big bold bright flowers. Yellow and Pink colours together. Eurgh. It makes me shudder. Sorry!

I took a few cuttings of Sage and they seem to be growing away which always amazes me.

I plan to dig up and relocate as many plants from this one bed as quickly as possible without the other half noticing, and then plant it up with as many Herbs as I can.

I already have some Angelica, Artichoke, Feverfew, Hyssop and Marjoram  to plant in the bed. I'm sure I can find room for a few more...

Today I am going to plant the potatoes. Sow some beans and peas. If I get time I will also sow some Fennel, Nasturtium, White Clover and Thyme.

I have attached a link to a website that broadcasts live from bird boxes across the UK. This morning I sat having a cup of tea watching a little Blue Tit tending the nest. Just lovely.

I have also included some photos from some trips to National Trust gardens. Nothing better than packing up a picnic and heading to a NT garden for the day. I get a lot of inspiration from these gardens. My dream job would be working in a NT garden.

Happy Gardening.

Sheltering from rain under Wisteria at Wakehurst Place.

Scotney Castle in Kent.

Boat House.

I would happily live in the boat house!

An old water tank filled with Herbs.

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