Monday, 4 February 2013

Snow it happened...

So it snowed. We stayed in and listened to records, made bread and drank hot chocolate.

I fed the birds daily. The Blackbirds and Crows liked the cheese and the Robin and Dunnock's liked the pine cones covered in peanut butter and seed. I even had a fox come right up to the gap in the hedge and poke her head through as if to say 'Where's mine?' so I gave her some dog biscuits. She took a few, trotted off and then returned with the rest of the gang a little later. They finished the feast and all had a drink of water from the bird bath I had topped up. Some people may think me mad for feeding the foxes but I like them. I like foxes more than squirrels that's for sure. 
How the OH see's squirrels...
How I see them...
I went to the dentist. I went to the sea. I love walking along the beach when it is void of all the things I hate about it during Summer. There is no loud pumping techno music from the bars along the seafront, so you can hear the waves. The air smells of salt, not greasy take out food. I prefer to be in the country side on a hot Summer day than a packed beach. I love the beach on a cold blustery day when the wind chills your teeth and the whites of the waves are menacing enough to drive you into a tea room for hot drink, and perhaps some cake. The days are getting longer. The garden is slowly emerging from it's slumber and little flashes of colour are starting to appear like exclamation points on a blank piece of paper.
Seed sowing time is nearly here and I have itchy fingers...can't wait to get sowing and growing again.
I love this illustration by the very talented 

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. You mentioned Snowdrops and believe it or not, I actually just saw my very first Snowdrops last month. They were enchanting and I want to add them to my beds. I recently read a nice article in Gardens Illustrated which featured many varieties.