Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Together In Electric Dreams...

It's cold.

So the OH tells me anyway... 

For the first time in my life, I am not cold. 

I am not plastered to the radiator in the morning while I wait for the kettle to boil.

I am not fighting with the cat in the evening to sit in front of the fire.

Winter is still on the way though, regardless of my core temperature.

Jack Frost has been busy and I always admire his work on a cold crisp morning.


I did a naughty tidy up of the front garden yesterday. Not quite taking it easy as the midwife has demanded, but I couldn't keep looking out over the garden without feeling embarrassed.
The grass really needed cutting, and the brown straggly left overs from the summer bedding was driving me to distraction.
The OH did the majority of the hard work. I just snipped some wayward branches here and there, and was amazed to see a couple of Chrysanthemums were still going despite the frosts.
The OH and I are really quite a team now. Hardly any arguing. He is less snippy happy with the secateurs, which means I can let him near the box balls without fear...
What made me really happy was mulching the beds with a nice thick layer of bark chips. It always looks and smells so nice, like giving a wall a fresh lick of paint.
Talking of paint, I have been trying to sort the spare room out, and turn it into something resembling a nursery.
I decorated the room last year and chose a really dark blue, almost black paint. The OH was very dubious about the dark colour at first, but we both love it. Which is quite handy really, because...
 Yep, we are getting a boy, according to the nice lady who did the last scan.
Although when my Sister was In Utero, my Mum was told she was expecting a boy. So I'm not going to go blue mad, just in case...
Anyway, back to the room.
It is dark blue (almost black) and I got some new swanky curtains super cheap in a sale a few weeks back.
I will get around to taking some photos at some point, but here is a photo I took last year just to give you an idea...
One thing I think every nursery needs is a rocking chair.
I have always loved rocking chairs.
We used to have a really nice rocking chair when I was growing up, and I would love rocking back and forth on it while reading a book.
I remember how peaceful my baby Sister looked in my Mums arms while she was gently rocked to sleep.
So a rocking chair has been on my wish list pretty much since the day I found out I was expecting.
If money was no object, this would be my dream rocking chair...
Alas, I shall have to carry on dreaming...

I had been checking the local second hand stores and websites for months, hoping to find a rocking chair.

Most had arms that were too high which would make feeding a nightmare, while others were just stupidly expensive.

Then the best thing happened.

I checked the local Freecycle page, and saw this little beauty...

Yes, admittedly it does need a little tlc.

Well, ok, quite a lot of tlc.

The owner told me it was bought by his Grandmother in the 1930's - that was when my bungalow was built.

It has been sat in his garage for the last ten years, unused and unloved, and he was moving and just didn't want it anymore.

So it was free to collector - a few of my favourite words.

I'm not complaining.

I love it.

I have cleaned up the upholstery as best I can, and sanded down the frame.

I'm in two minds about painting or just re varnishing the wood.

I am using a couple of big cushions as a temporary base but will sort out a new piece of foam to make a seat cushion soon.

It really is an awesome and comfortable chair.

I have had a couple of quotes to reupholster it.

Wow. Reupholstering is costly to say the least.

So I have decided to stick with the electric blue corduroy fabric for now.

Especially since little ones have a tendency to sick up and stuff...

One day it would be a dream to reupholster it in lush velvet or cover it in a patchwork style.  

For now though, I am quite happy with my little blue chair...





  1. It is such exciting news about the baby. Well done on finding that little blue chair! We've been looking at upholstery here, too for the hazel sofa we made. As we made the sofa for nothing we didn't want to spend out on the upholstery, but I agree, it is very expensive, isn't it? So more thinking here about what to do!

    1. Thank You very much Wendy! I nearly had a heart attack when I was given the quote for reupholstering the rocking chair - think that actually shocked me more than discovering I was to become a Mother!!! Hope all is well in your world. Best Wishes.

  2. Haven't "looked" at your blog for a while as all was quiet.... now I see why!! Very best wishes for February and I love the colour of the nursery.... Next spring the sprog will need fresh air and you can share the gardening (well, sort of).

    1. Hey Susan, Thank You for the well wishes. I am very much missing being out in my garden (and reaching my toenails/eating camembert/etc/etc) but hope the little one won't mind me dragging him around the garden when he is a little older! Hope December is treating you well, Best Wishes.