Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Still Life...

With more and more of my time spent out and about with The L.O, or even stuck indoors due to miserable weather, I find that I look upon my garden in a completely different way.

I used to walk around making mental notes of everything that needed to be done, thinking ahead. Always thinking ahead to next year and never really just sitting. Sitting and looking. Looking and observing. Observing and enjoying. 

I now spend those rare and golden moments I get alone in the garden to just relax with a cup of tea and put my feet up.

Watching the light playing through the trees.

Listening to the birds flitting around in the hedge.

Breathing in that wonderful smell of a fresh Rose bloom. 

Sometimes it's nice to do nothing at all in the garden except be in it. 

I usually buy a tray of Geranium plug plants in Spring for the patio, but this year I grew some from seed. 

Not only were they really quick to germinate, but they seem much more vibrant than the plugs I get. 

I think I will be growing them from seed from now on. 

On a cold and gloomy day I tend to use Geranium Essential Oil in a burner. It never fails to lift my spirit. 

It is one of my favourite plants. 

I have three long shallow stone troughs on the patio and I always get stuck for ideas with what to plant in them.

I often get bored with my choice very quickly.

I had been growing some Violas, but fancied a change so I dug them all out and transplanted them up in the garden.

I replenished the soil, added some leaf mold and put in three ferns and some grass that I had grown on from splitting a huge clump in the Spring.

I'm not sure what type of grass it is, perhaps Acorus?

I am really pleased with the combination of Ferns and Grass.

It is simple, and pleasant to look at.

A real change from my usual choice of Violas, Love-in-a-Mist or Night scented Stock. 

I am discovering that I actually quite like understated and restrained planting combinations.

Next year I would like to change the patio. 

Simplify it.

Instead of having lots of little pots filled with lots of little plants, I would like one or two big pots. 

Lavender, Rosemary or Lemon Balm for the sunny side or the patio.

More ferns and perhaps some Ivy for the slightly shadier wall.

One thing is for sure though - I will always have a soft spot for the good old terracotta pot...


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