Monday, 10 December 2012

Fairy Lights and Wooly Tights...

Brr. I have been wearing woolly tights today as it was very cold. I'm teased sometimes about wearing woolly tights but I don't mind because I'm nice and warm. I can't stand being cold. I don't like having cold feet either so on top of the woolly tights has been a pair of woolly slippers. Yes, woolly knitted slippers. It's like having a fisherman's jumper on each foot. I do make quite a sight. Not in a trend setter cool girl about town sort of way just to clarify. I'm talking Grandma at twenty nine years old. Bah.

I put all my houseplants in the bath last night and gave them a good hose down with the shower and wiped their foliage over with a cloth. I love the colours that come through when you wet the leaves on Prayer Plants - beautiful.

I finished putting all the decorations up. There are fairy lights and pine cones and glittery things everywhere. The magpie in me is very happy.

I have some photos saved which I used as inspiration and I wanted to put them in 'a safe place' as I need to edit the many million images I have saved in folders throughout my laptop. Perhaps they might inspire me again one day to get the glue and card out and replace the ones which would have probably fallen apart as so often happens with homemade things of mine. I never use enough glue. I even feel bad about using too much sellotape. It's an illness.

Toilet Tube Christmas Owls. Oh yes.

I made some like these but my snowman isn't as cute.

I made some paper snowflakes and hung them from the ceiling. Looked awesome. Making paper snowflakes takes me back to being at school. I like the idea of using them on a present as decoration.


I seem to have old paint chips all over the house in random drawers and cupboards so this is a great idea for recycled gift tags.


A snowflake made from wooden pegs. Yes. This is so happening if I can find some wooden pegs.

I'm doing this next year for sure. Such a good use for all those teeny tiny paper or fabric scraps.

Good Night...

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