Thursday, 13 December 2012

A desk of one's own...

So we now have three desks in our tiny bungalow. One in the bedroom. It is actually a retro stag dressing table. It needs much love and tlc. It also doubles as a desk. I have no photo of it in the bedroom but have kept the photo from the advert when it was for sale. I paid £15 which seems steep considering the condition but they are quite rare and sell for much more on ebay. All 'done' up course. Here she is. It's a she. Don't ask me why, some pieces of furniture are feminine while others are very masculine in my mind!

She does need some work but it's a brilliant dressing table. Works well as a desk too when people are staying in the spare room. I plan to sand her down and paint her up like this beauty which I saw on ebay...
One day mine will look as good. One day.
Then there is the bureau in the spare room/office/music room/craft room/clothes drying room. I don't have a photo I'm afraid but it's very old and was hand made by my Great Grandfather. It's a family heirloom so I would never be able to part with it. I plan to pass it on to my younger sister when she gets a place of her own. It is very small and compact so not very useful for working on the laptop or doing any art or craft projects. The bureau is a him by the way.
And now we have a third desk. 
It is most definitely a him. No doubt about that. It is the Brigadier General of the Desk World.
And the best part was it was FREE! It's a great bit of kit and makes both me and the OH smile from ear to ear. I mean, just look at the colour. Here he is...
It's a shame the previous owners decided to strip the paint off one drawer as that will drive me mad but we may strip the whole thing back. Have not decided yet. It is a pretty awesome green. You can't actually see how big it is from this picture but the actual desktop is huge so plenty of space for painting and doing crafts. The drawers are also deep and long and perfect for storing paper and all those craft bits I have lying around.
So I will move it into it's new position tomorrow. I will give it a clean. I will make a cup of tea and perhaps a crumpet too and then I will sit at my huge green desk. 
I think the new huge green desk and I will spend many a happy hour together.  
Everyone should have a desk of one's own.


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