Friday, 15 March 2013

As the snow fell...

The snow arrived again this week. As beautiful as it was, I am glad it has now melted away. I'm hoping to get out in the garden this weekend. I would like to start sowing some seeds.

I awoke on Valentines Day to find these sitting on the kitchen table...

I think The OH did rather well. It was a lovely surprise. I know he liked his 45s of 'Can't fight this feeling' by REO Speedwagon and 'Presence Dear' by Blondie as they were both played about seventeen times each. During one day. I'm not such a fan of either song anymore...

I have never grown flowers purely for cutting before, so the cut flower mix will be interesting to try.

The Nigella/Love-in-a-mist is a variety I am not familiar with(African Bride) so I am looking forward to growing them too.

I don't have any Nigella in the garden. I associate it with the garden I grew up in as a child. Long lazy summer days reading books by the pond and watching the bees buzzing around.

I took some photos of the snow. I am trying to get into the habit of regularly photographing the garden through the seasons.

The snow made me think about growing more plants with winter interest.

Plants that will encourage insects, feed the birds and look good during winter. I think this year I will start with Evening Primrose, Teasel and Yarrow.

I want to split some of the grasses to dot a few more around.

Perhaps add some more structural plants such as Ilex crenata.

The snow made me sit in the greenhouse and enjoy that special kind of silence only snow creates.

The snow made me worry about all the new bulbs and fresh growth that had just appeared.

The snow made me smile when the sun came out and it looked as though a million diamonds were sparkling across the garden...






  1. I still have snow across the Atlantic in my Maine garden, too. It has been melting away (although they're predicting a few inches of winter snow reinforcement for early next week). I've been enjoying watching the bare ground appear, but it's too soon to do any planting here.
    In terms of photographing your garden through the seasons, you may the interested in Helen Johnstone's end-of-month garden view at The Patient Gardener. The idea is to pick one spot in your garden and photograph it at the end of each month throughout the year. -Jean

  2. Lovely snow pictures! It's nice to see the garden with a blanket of snow and at the same time - it's nice to see it!
    I'm no longer a fan of the Eagles for similar reasons!!
    I wish your seeds well.