Thursday, 4 April 2013

Gaining ground...

I am trying to be patient. I am trying to be patient as I want to plant my potatoes but it is too cold. I am trying to be patient as I want to start sowing seeds but it is too cold. I am trying to be patient as I want to start planting out the cuttings I took last year but it is too cold.

So with no more patience to spare I have started gaining ground instead.

I have removed a huge Phormium. It was hard work but I managed to dig it out with as many roots as possible and have moved it to another part of the garden. It was a decision I have been mulling over for months. It is a nice feature plant. It looks good when not much else is going on in that takes up a huge amount of space. It shades out the other sun loving plants. It is also a gold star retreat for slugs and snails.

So after much huffing, puffing, sweat, blood and near tears it finally came out and is now replanted. I hope it survives. Although if it doesn't I will console myself with the space and planting possibilities that its absence has created.

I am now weeding and digging over the area in preparation for planting. I have quite a few ideas of what I want to do.

It is so nice to have a patch of bare earth where I can decide what I want to plant. I really do love most of the plants we have inherited with this garden but I did not choose them and did not put in the hard work which is a blessing on one hand but I don't get to design or choose a planting scheme very often so it is very exciting.  

I have been busy sketching out ideas and making collages with pictures torn from magazines.

Other than plenty of digging and cutting back I have been out and about enjoying the rare ray of sunshine.

Here are some photos taken last weekend including a wander across The Downs and a wander through our local woodland. 

I'm amazed at how late the daffodils are this year. I felt guilty picking the few that were out in the garden but it just didn't feel like Easter without some Daffodils on the mantle...







  1. I've been dealing with my growing impatience by doing spring clean-up in the garden. That way, I can see my perennials as soon as they show any hint of new growth. :-) Enjoy making plans for your newly cleared garden space! -Jean

  2. I agree, it has been very frustrating not being able to get on with the usual Spring tasks. Good luck with all your ideas. And your photos show what a lovely time of year it is when the sun is actually shining!

  3. Hi.
    I am enjoying your blog very much. It is really lovely.
    I do know a little about trying to be patient at this time of year. My garden is still deep in snow, and the other day I was out spreading ashes from my fireplace on the snow to make it melt faster in the sun.
    I hope you soon will be able to plant your potatoes and sow your seeds.
    Have a nice warm spring:)

  4. Hi! I wanted to say thank you for your sweet words on my blog, I'm so so excited to be moving and can't wait to have a little garden of my own to start planning and planting!! Just one of the many perks of moving to a small town, along with the lovey views (and the lovely pubs!!). Good luck with your garden this year, I hope all your plans come true!