Sunday, 3 March 2013

Everything in its right place...

So what to do when you find yourself alone in the house on a Sunday evening with a sore ankle and an urge to do something nice and relaxed?

Well, this is what I did.

I made a cup of tea.

I put my Goldie Oldie's compilation CD on.

Then I sat on the floor by the fire with...

A bag of sequins...

An empty box...


And a couple of these...

I emptied the packet of sequins into the empty box and started to separate them into nice neat little piles defined by design, colour and size.

Five minutes later I realise there are not enough compartments for each individual sequin and colour. Damn. It was all going so well up to that point. 

The Walker Brothers continue singing in the background while I go and make a fresh cup of tea.

I am now grumpy that I have to put different colours into one compartment and I get annoyed by that, and with myself.

I tell myself to get a grip. It really doesn't matter if there are silver and green sequins in one compartment.

I finish up quickly and close the lid while that niggly feeling niggles...

I put them back on the shelf along with all the other jars and boxes filled with crafty bits and bobs.

My eye is drawn to a jar of buttons.

I look at all the different colours.

Wouldn't it feel good to tip them out and sort them into nice neat little piles according to colour and size too?

Walk away Mici, walk away.

So I put Kid A on, and wrote this blog post to distract myself from tipping the jar of buttons onto the floor and wasting another hour.

I often get distracted by time wasting pointless activities like this.

I like separating things. Particularly colours. When I was a little girl I wouldn't feel happy drawing a picture until my crayons were laid out on the floor in a rainbow before me.   

I happily welcome a mixture of colours, textures and heights in the garden though.

When I say different colours, I usually put different tones of the same sort of colour together. I couldn't put yellow next to pink, it would drive me mad. But orange and purple is ok for some reason.

I find it very interesting how people use colour, especially in their homes and gardens.

I am toying with the idea of creating a white border somewhere in my garden and hope to visit Sissinghurst Castle this year to see the famous white garden.

I really admire the way Vita Sackville-West would use colour and texture.

I hope gardening has helped me overcome my weird need to separate colours, and planting a pure white border is probably sinking back into bad habits but I can't stop thinking about how magical it would look at dusk.

I like order but I am in no way a minimalist.

When it comes to hanging art I prefer asymmetrical.

I don't alphabetise my music or books.

I always arrange my flower seeds from dark to light colours.

I don't care if the apples touch the bananas in the fruit bowl or if the tins in the cupboard don't all face the same way.

However, when it comes to art materials, I have have have to organise them one way or another. Usually by colour, then size. This applies to everything from paint tubes and now sequins.

Except the sequins are not really organised properly are they?

There are different colours mixed together but I'm not thinking about that.

Am I?

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  1. Just found your blog (thank you!) via an American blogger, and am reading through now. White border? lovely. I was going to try this an realised I am too scatty a gardener, so decided to change my idea to white and yellow, thus giving me a lot more permutations!! Successful so far, except that at the very end of the border I have a lovely purple buddlia (Dark Knight) which is so gorgeous I don't have the heart to move and then.... think of the bees!!, so it's a very posh sounding yellow and white border with a splash of purple. Ah well! Good luck with your white one.
    Mrs Mac.