Saturday, 21 December 2013

Grouch in the Grotto...

I am often told by The OH that I need to relax more when it comes to Christmas.

Well, when it comes to the Christmas decorations actually.

I always have this vision of a naturalistic style when I think about how I would like to decorate my home - lots of wood, greenery picked from the garden, oranges spiked with cloves so on and so forth...

And yet...

The OH always manages to find the bag of tinsel no matter how hard I try to hide it in the attic.

I'm not really a fan of tinsel.

Or the foil dangly things he hangs from the ceiling.

Little bits of tinsel flutter into every nook and cranny, I am forever hovering them up.

The foil things never seem to stay up on the ceiling no matter how much blu-tac or sticky tape is used.

The OH tells me 'It's Christmas, it's supposed to be shiny and tacky' and I no longer have the energy to fight him.

So I have left him to put up as much tinsel, foil things, and whatever else makes his heart sing.

I rescued this little tree from a skip a few years back, and I have to admit that I have grown rather fond of it.

It often makes me quite angry when I think about how we live in such a 'throw away' society these days. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this little tree, so why was it thrown in a skip instead of donated to charity or advertised on freecycle etc?

It is now a source of great pleasure for Stingray our cat, who enjoys trying to rip down the little Robins that hide among the branches...

I couldn't resist popping into a local charity shop last week when I saw they had a sale on their Christmas stock.

It was buy three items for 50p so I picked up this little cutie...

This little guy (who terrifies The OH)

And another bird decoration, because you can never have too many...

I absolutely love the little deer, he shall be staying out all year round.

I have quite the little collection of deer hiding around the house now, and shall have fun finding a little corner for him to live in.

I always enjoy making my own Christmas cards, so I took a few photos of some I made earlier...

I am constantly being told that by this time next year it will seem impossible that I had the time to do something so frivolous with a little one around...

I had a very nice time wandering around charity shops picking up little gifts for The OH, as well as a few cheeky things for myself such as the decorations.

Our present buying rule is that we never spend more than £5 on one another, and that gifts have to come from a charity shop.

We mostly end up with a selection of book or record shaped items under the tree.

I was quite pleased with two books I picked up for The OH. 

A really old book of poetry based on The Lake District with some lovely illustrations, and a book on the history of Punk.

Both books for £1 - bargain.

I had forgotten to pick up some wrapping paper though, so I went rooting through the cupboards and drawers to try and find something else to use.

I came across half a roll of lining paper, so I wrapped the books in that, and dug out my little Christmas tree stamp to decorate the paper with and was quite pleased with the result...


I wondered why I hadn't done this before.

I might actually go and buy a roll of lining paper for use next year instead of wrapping paper.

It is fun to stamp and can be put in the compost.

I put some shiny metallic type wrapping paper in the compost last Christmas which was a mistake as it just never rotted down.

I am actually quite excited about Christmas now.

I am very much looking forward to Roast Potatoes.

And the tinsel isn't that bad (even if I did just have to fish out a bit from my cup of tea) but I won't tell The OH that...

Otherwise he may go out and buy some more...

Good Night.

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