Thursday, 8 May 2014

A new chapter...


It has been a very long time since I last sat at my laptop to write about my little corner of the world.

Our little one has arrived and everything else just kind of stopped.

The garden has been left to it's own devices.

The washing up doesn't get done and I can't tell one pile of laundry from the other. 

The cat has gone without her dinner a few times too which is the worst, although she seems to be handling the whole situation rather well surprisingly. 

Talking of new arrivals...we are now also the proud owners of a potting shed.

Winter gave us several big storms which smashed our plastic greenhouse to smithereens all across the garden. 

I shall be finding little pieces of plastic for years to come.

The glass greenhouse also took a battering but is still standing and The O.H was brilliant at fixing it back into shape again.

We dismantled what was left of the plastic greenhouse and set about wondering what to do with the space it once occupied.

I wanted to grow roses across the fence to use as cut flowers for the house and build some raised beds to create a little herb garden.

The OH wanted to put up a shed. A man shed. What is it with men and their sheds?

In the end we agreed that a potting shed would suit the both of us. 

He could sit in it and listen to the cricket or play guitar and I would be very happy having more space to grow plants.

It arrived last weekend and is awesome.

I moved a rocking chair into it and me and The L.O have been having a very nice time sitting among the Tomato and Cosmos seedlings.

I will take some photos soon so in the meantime here are some photos of the space left behind once the greenhouse had been dismantled. 

I stared at these photos for hours just imagining what to do with the space. At one point I did think 'Hot Tub' but had probably drank too much Raspberry Tea.

I also fought long and hard with The O.H over my wish to dedicate a part of the garden to a small lawn.

We have no lawn at all in the garden and I thought it would be lovely to lay upon some grass making out shapes in the clouds and having a Teddy Bears Picnic.

The O.H stood firm but eventually caved and I began the job of preparing the area for some turf.

I was considering sowing it from seed but we have so many cats and foxes roaming through (and of course pooping in it) that it would be a nightmare trying to keep them off so we bought some turf instead.

Here is how far I had got two weeks ago.

I weeded, levelled and raked the area all with L.O strapped into a sling. 

I try to get out into the garden with him and do something every other day. 

Simple easy jobs. 

We have already gone toppling into a box ball together when I reached over too far trying to pull some bindweed from a border.

I can't wait to spent time together seeing who can grow the tallest sunflower, watching the frogs in the pond, making treats for the birds in winter and of course...laying on our little lawn...

The garden will no doubt change now we have a L.O.

There will footballs flying over the roses towards the greenhouse I'm sure.

As much as I want my garden to look nice and be productive, I also want it to provide a little boy with health, happiness and adventure.

Even if means a few squashed veg and headless flowers...

Good Night.

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  1. It was such a lovely surprise to click on and find you, after "hoping" that all was well since the last post! Congratulations on the LO; glad to hear about the shed, and although the lawn is postage stamp size, I think it may just be big enough to lay on and dream on a sunny afternoon!
    Glad to see you back.