Thursday, 12 February 2015

Green is the new black...

I really don't like to buy new things unless absolutely necessary. 

So when our laptop went caput, again, and we took it to the little laptop shop, again, and it came back as slow and unresponsive as it ever was, again, we decided it was time to get a new one.

We still have all our photos stored on the old one and I have been spending some time transferring them all and came across the photos from out trip to France.

I have not travelled much. At all. In my head I like to imagine this other me packing a ruck-sack and heading off to far flung lands but in reality the furthest my feet have touched is Turkey when I was about fourteen.

I really enjoyed our visits to the various gardens and watching the countryside roll by.

My favourite by a mile was Les Jardins Pays d'Auge.

I have never really had my breath taken away by a garden before - yet I could not stop smiling and sighing as I walked around.

I got a jolt of excitement when I came across the photos this morning - and just wanted to include some again to refresh my memory and get some inspiration for this weekend when I plan to spend a few hours in my own garden.

I think one of my favourite features in the garden was how things were displayed. 

I do find myself 'decorating' my garden with all the random things I find on the beach or rescue from skips much to the annoyance of The OH...but that is what makes your garden your own. Just as much as the planting, the colours you use, or indeed the colours you don't. 

Pays d'Auge celebrated green it all it's glory, and I think that was why it struck such a chord with me. 

I had always imagined that a well designed garden needed to be a riot of flowers and colour.

I am looking forward to getting out in my garden this weekend. 

The OH and I don't really 'do' Valentines - but he has kindly offered to take The LO out for a few hours so I can get out into the garden.

It will be a long time yet until I can let The LO go toddling around the upper part of the garden as it just too steep, uneven and dangerous. 

We enjoy playing on the patio though - he loves his little swing and I may try to build a little sand-pit for him this summer. 

I will make a point of walking around my garden this weekend and appreciate all the different hues of green, which I am ashamed to say I have often overlooked as mere 'foil' for other plants.

Green is fast becoming my favourite colour.

Muddy Boots x 

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