Sunday, 22 February 2015

Rainy Sunday Afternoon...

It has been a really dark and miserable afternoon.

The O.H and The L.O both went out for a walk this morning while it was sunny and nice.

I stayed home and got on with some chores while listening to the radio.

When they returned we all sat down to lunch, and then they went off for a nap.

I decided to do something creative, as I have not made anything in ages.

I rescued this wonderful retro shoe shelf from a skip last year.

I rang the door to ask if I could re-home it, and was met by a woman who laughed and couldn't possibly imagine why I would want it when it was so old...

In all honesty and as usual I didn't actually know why I wanted it, or what I was going to do with it.

I just couldn't bare the thought of it being sent to land-fill for no very good reason.

This afternoon I finally had an idea of what I could use it for.

I spent last night sanding it down and cleaning it up. I was considering painting it, but I liked the feel of the wood and the colour and grain so I left it natural.

I then went on a hunt for a ball of wool...

And got to work...

I have not quite finished yet, but I very much enjoyed doing something creative while listening to the rain for an hour or so.

I watched a Bumble Bee take cover from the rain in the hedge.

Spotted a squirrel digging around in one of the beds again. I'm sure they have been nibbling the crocus bulbs.

There was a large patch in the garden when we moved in, and the patch is getting smaller and smaller with every passing year.

Not sure if you are supposed to lift and split crocus bulb clumps like you do snow drops... 

Made a vegan curry for dinner but forgot to add peas.

Now off to run The O.H a bath with some lavender and geranium oils because he feels 'all achy' apparently. 

Yep. I bet it's that sort of ache you get when you spend an afternoon with a very active, very fast and very curious almost one year old...

Muddy Boots.

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