Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Don't pull the wool over my...


My last post was about a little shoe rack.

After much sanding and cleaning, I got to work with my ball of brown wool and here is the end result...

Shoe rack to book rack. 

I think it looks a little...odd...but it took absolutely ages to wrap the wool around and around and around and around while The L.O was going around and around and around and around my feet trying to pull the wool off as I worked that I shall never part with it just because of the sheer determination it took to finish the damn thing.

I love rescuing things from skips.

It makes me happy to give a new lease of life to something someone else would just throw away.

I wasn't really too sure what I was going to do with the shoe rack before I had the idea to turn it into storage for books, so when I popped it between the two sofas the idea came to me.

The L.O was kept occupied for a good twenty minutes once I had finished by taking out all the books and then putting them back in again.

It's actually been really useful first thing in the morning as I can pop him in front of it so he can look at some books (usually upside down but hey ho) while I get breakfast started.

It's funny how you can have an idea, but sometimes, it just doesn't exactly go to plan.

Well, that was exactly the case when I decided to make a toy for a friend who had just had a baby.

I have never made a toy before. 

I wasn't even sure what I was imagining, but all I knew was that it was going to involve crochet squares.

I have a huge pile of crochet squares left over from a blanket I made ages ago.

I had a vague plan to stitch them together to make a sort of soft cube toy...thing.

Out came the sewing box...

All was going well. It was starting to resemble a cube and then came the stuffing it part...

Now, I forgot how much wool stretches.

So of course, I stuffed, and it got bigger. And bigger. And bigger still.

I realised if I didn't stop stuffing it was soon going to be big enough to use as extra seating around the kitchen table.

So I stopped and finished up.

Then I thought if I sewed some thread into heart shapes on the sides perhaps that would make it look more toy like...

It didn't. It still looked like a big soft square thing with some badly sewn heart shapes on the sides.

Suffice to say I didn't end up giving it to my friend as a gift.

A big soft square thing with some badly sewn heart shapes on the sides, just what every new parent needs...

It is now fondly called 'Stuffy' and is thrown around with much gusto by The L.O.

I would have liked to have seen my friends face had I presented her with the big soft square thing with some badly sewn heart shapes on the sides though...

Might try my hand at making my own clothes next...


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  1. I love the subtle comedy and love your presentation style as well. your articles are always very light headed chilled out reads,which is why i always show up here.