Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Guardians of the Woodland...

We went for a walk through the local woods at the weekend.

When not keeping an eye on The L.O who seemed intent on trying to crawl into badger set holes or plummet down any steep drop he came across, I was enjoying looking up at the tree canopy, the dappled sunshine or the faces on the tree trunks...

Yep...there are plenty of faces on the tree trunks if you look hard enough...

I thought this looked a little like Stewie Griffin from Family Guy...

If you have ever noticed a face in a cloud, a piece of toast or indeed a tree trunk then this psychological phenomenon is known as Pareidolia. 

It is the tendency of the mind to discern meaningful patterns in vague or random stimuli.

I have spotted a polar bear, an angry monkey and an umbrella in the grain of the wooden floorboards in the hallway.

It's fun looking for hidden faces.

I shall make more of an effort to seek out The Guardians of the Woodland next time we go.

Goodnight x 

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