Friday, 15 January 2016

To hoard or not to hoard, or purge and purge again...

I have too many books. So so many books.

I have had to box some up and put them in the attic so I could free up some shelf space for The O.H's ever growing vinyl collection.

He has too many records. So so many records. 

LP's and singles, tape cassettes and CD's. 

The L.O has so many cars. So so many cars. 

Tractors, Mini Coopers and Ice Cream Vans galore. 

We have one of those big ugly square bookcases from a well known blue and yellow flat-pack superstore...

The one we have has 25 'squares' or compartments if you like, and it is literally straining under the weight from all...the...stuff.

I plan to get up early tomorrow morning.

Have a cup of coffee and a slice of peanut butter on toast and let rip on the bookcase.

Everything, and I mean every single thing is coming out and the whole unit will have a good clean. 

I am going to be really strict and try to split all the books into two piles. 

One half I will keep.

The other half will be donated to a charity shop.

It has to happen.

It's fine.

I really don't need so many books. I'm going to join the local library.

I hope I will avoid the temptation to purchase any more unnecessary books.

Although the two Pat Hutchins books (Good-Night, Owl! and Clocks and more clocks) I've just ordered to add to The L.O's library don't count though...Shh. 

When I suggested to The O.H that he could probably thin out his vinyl collection by half he let out a short sharp gasp so I don't think he was on board with that suggestion somehow.

I'm going to reclaim the space on the bookcase so I can store my growing collection of empty toilet roll and kitchen towel tubes so me and The L.O can spend time together making things...

I have also been saving them to plant seeds in this Spring...

 I'm going to get out all my art materials, have a thorough sort through of everything.  

Finally get around to disposing of those dried up pens, rubbish rubbers and pencil shavings lurking in the bottom of the containers and put them all back neatly...

It's going to take a couple of hours, but hopefully, by the end it will be an organised glorious home for all of our hobbies. 

I always imagined I would be more crafty with The L.O, but the truth is when you can't find anything to make something with the excitement wanes and the moment passes.

I want to get the bookcase set up so I can easily find anything from pipe cleaners to P.J Harvey or Postman Pat. 

Project purge has begun...

Goodnight x 

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