Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A little box of happiness...

I purchased a little box of happiness this weekend.

It contained a collection of Herbs and Wildflowers, and I am very very excited. I couldn't stop smiling on the car ride home, and my other half is now bored of listening to me ramble on about the merits of red clover (OH: But isn't that a weed?) and how we need to turn our compost heap. Again.

My little box of happiness contains:

Feverfew, Artichoke, Greater Knapweed, Achillea, Ragged Robin, Self Heal, Bergamot, Wild Marjoram, Angelica, Ox Eye Daisy and Red Clover.

I also bought some Mangetout Shiraz and Swiss Chard seeds. I have already planned the veg I will be growing this year, but I couldn't resist the Peas and Chard. The Mangetout are a lovely deep purple colour. We eat a lot of salad so I am looking forward to them brightening up our plates. The Chard is a heritage collection called Five Colour Silverbeet and makes my mouth water just looking at the packet.

A few weeks ago I couldn't resist a BOGOF offer on seeds so I also bought some Teasel, Sunflower, Scabious, Flax, Foxglove and Cornflower seeds.

So I spent the weekend cleaning and sorting out the greenhouse. It didn't take long, and am now ready to grow.

I bought a second hand baby changing/bathing unit last year. For my greenhouse. It's so useful - perfect height for sowing seeds, I can use the bath to soak seed trays, it has shelves for storing things and is on wheels so I can easily move it around to clean and check for pests.

I couldn't believe how much potting tables and greenhouse staging cost, so I saw the table and thought 'That'll do nicely' and it does.

I went and had a cup of tea in the greenhouse yesterday, and just sat there feeling very happy.

I love my greenhouse.

I think the OH is a little jealous and now wants a 'man shed'.

I sometimes feel bad for spending so much time 'playing' in the garden. Although he seems happy to just hang out and enjoy the garden with the cricket on the radio and a glass of wine while I am flitting from one corner to another like the tasmanian devil.

Last time I let him 'help' in our old garden 'unattended' he chopped off the top of our Holly tree.  I had been pruning it into a pyramid shape for years. One minute there was a lovely shaped tree, the next it was a flat as a pancake. Grr.

WAS a baby changing/washing unit. NOW a potting bench with built in seed tray soaker and storage.

Little box of Wilflowers and Herbs. Plus poor little Lavender cuttings I keep forgetting to pot on.

Hellebore doing it's thing.

My Muddy Boots!

Today I sowed my purple peas, chard, sunflowers and teasel.

Little Olive Tree enjoying the sunshine.

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