Sunday, 4 March 2012

Freecycle Friday...

Today was a good day. Today was Freecycle Friday!

I picked up a pond fountain in the shape of a Koi Carp and two stone bird baths from Freecycle.

I am very happy with my finds and can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer so I can install the fountain. He (it's a He, not a She for some reason) does have a broken fin but it just adds to his character. I think he will be called Churchill in memory of my other Goldfish that sadly died a few days after moving into the bungalow.

Yes, I have names for my garden ornaments. Is that normal?

I have Gilbert and George the metal Herons that guard the beginning of the path. Parsley the sleeping stone lion. Stone Rose. Scary Face the wall mask man. Nathaniel the Angel with a broken wing. Oh, not forgetting Arnemetia. She was an old pond fountain that poured water from a jug but now she just pretends on the patio.

I can see a theme beginning here...first the ornaments, with names, and usually missing an arm or leg.

I love old stone ornaments and statues with moss and lichen growing over them. I think they really add to a garden, especially in winter.

My plans for this weekend is to go and purchase two Apple trees for the back of the garden. I have spent months clearing away the hardcore and brambles and weeds to clear a space. The plan is to have two Apple trees with a lawn under them. It's quite a narrow strip, so I'm  now wondering if I should bother laying a lawn at all, or just sow some wildflowers instead.

I don't have any grass in my garden, it's all hard landscaping which doesn't bother me, but last year I was thinking how nice it would be to lay on some grass.

I am also going to get everything out of the Greenhouse and give it a good clean. It's a job I never look forward to but always feel better once it's done. I'll bring the radio up, tune into Gold or FIP and whistle while I work...

I am not sure what to do with all the hardcore. So far all I have done is move it from one part of the garden to another. I was thinking about using it to make a big Herb Spiral/Raised bed.

Another idea I had was to create some grass sofas instead of a lawn under the Apple trees and have included a picture of what I mean. I was trying to think of a way to pile up the hardcore, use some chicken wire and soil and perhaps plant some Chamomile or just regular turf over the top. Not sure the hardcore would help but was just an idea...

Once the boot fairs start up again I am going to pick up some teapots. To replicate the last picture. I think these look wonderful. Very Alice in Wonderland. I don't have a rail to hang them from but I was thinking of suspending three of four from the Pear Tree. I also read somewhere that birds quite like to nest in teapots.

I'm beginning to worry that I am using my garden as my own personal art gallery but then I think, surely a garden should be what ever you want it to be?

Have a happy weekend x

Gilbert and George.

Gilbert's close up.

And George...


Scary Face at top of picture.

If you squint you can just about make out Stone Rose at top of picture.

Herb Spiral inspiration.

I want to do this somewhere with violas.

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