Thursday, 5 September 2013

Well... I wasn't expecting that...

September has arrived. I look forward to picking the apples that should be ready any day and collecting some blackberries to make crumble.

The slow worms are making themselves more scarce in the compost area. The nights are starting to draw in and the smell of wood smoke from chimneys is beginning to fill the air.

I have been unable to get out in my garden much over the last few months as I have been put on bed rest by my Doctor.

It turns out I have a rather severe case of anaemia and am supposed to be taking it as easy as possible.

Another reason for taking it easy is that I am expecting my first baby.

The OH and I are very happy and excited - once the initial shock and surprise had settled that is...

I can't do much without getting really breathless and/or dizzy which is annoying but not as annoying as looking at my garden every day but not being able to get out there and do things.

Still, the weather has been glorious and I have consoled myself with sitting peacefully and actually enjoying the garden.

The OH has kind of taken over garden duties and chose some bright red Geranium bedding plants for the patio which I was unsure about as I usually like softer colours, but it has felt like I am on holiday which was nice.

He then chose lots of brightly coloured Marigolds and Tagetes a few weeks later to fill the gaps after we had harvested the Lettuce and Spring Onions, so it has been a riot of colour all Summer.

I have just discovered that Marigold flowers are edible - something to look forward to next year.  

So I was very happy when I popped into the local garden centre this afternoon (initially to pick up a new aquarium plant for the fish tank) and saw a table with packets of seed on sale for 50p a pack.

I only bought six packets which is good for me as I am a bit of a seed fanatic.

This is the selection I chose...

Lettuce - Rossa Di Trento

Red Geranium - Moulin Rouge

Marigold - Scarlet Sophie

 Tagetes - Starfire

 Alyssum - Alice Purple

 and Winter flowering Pansy called Babbling Brook

The Alyssum and Pansy are for the front garden to trail over the front of the wall and the rest will be grown for the patio. Along with the usual Herbs and Salad Crops.

Well, that's the plan anyway.

The little one is due mid February so seed sowing may take a back seat or perhaps the OH will turn his hand to it.

I may be unwittingly nurturing my own Monty Don in the making, as well as a new baby...

Good Night x


  1. Ooooh what big news! Congratulations!!!! And good on OH for tackling the garden :) Enjoy it and make sure you do plenty of relaxing by the fire xxx

  2. Thanks so very much! I think The OH is secretly enjoying pottering around the garden as long as he doesn't have to wield a fork or spade that is...x